How good lighting can help you sleep

In 2020 we have become increasingly aware of wellness and quality of life issues.
In the greater pursuit of connected ‘wellness’, we have come to understand more
about our need for human and environmental connection with the diversity of life
around us.

Lighting for cosy sleep

We at DJCoalition understand that light holds the power to facilitate wellness in a
broader sense. Of the 7 dimensions of wellness, we use light to directly facilitate:
physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and environmental wellness.

Allen and Overy’s new offices

Allen and Overy’s new offices

Did you know that light enables our natural biological rhythms as well
as enabling visual tasks. Our internal body clocks are regulated by the
natural progression of daylight and night. Cooler white, bright light
– matching daylight during the day – stimulates our body, increasing
alertness and energy. Warmer white, softer light – matching light at
dusk – encourages the production of melatonin that relaxes us and
prepares us for rest at night.
At Allen and Overy’s new offices we designed and commissioned a
dynamic lighting system that changes through the day.
Subtle, imperceptible changes in light colour and intensity are
programmed to match the natural characteristics of daylight and the
transition to evening. By day the light stimulates the brains alertness
and, in the evening, prepares the body for returning home to rest.

W Bangkok Hotel soft lighting

W Bangkok Hotel

We have all had weeks, or even months of constant pressure
which have sapped our emotional energy – right? Light therapy,
as part of spa treatments, can enhance recharging of our mind
as well as our body.
In the W Bangkok, DJCoalition designed spa treatment rooms
with the ability to surround the patient in light baths of different
colours. The wavelengths of these colours were tuned to coincide
with different treatments. Pink light soothes away agitation and
induces calmness. Blue light recharges us, increases alertness.

State Buildings Perth at night

State Buildings Perth

Have you heard the phrase ‘learn from the past’? History can
reveal many truths to the curious mind. Light, as the medium
by which we see, reveals a view of our built heritage and public
art which stimulates our minds.
At DJCoalition we illuminate our built heritage to reveal historical
pattern and we work with artists to illuminate public art. With light
we connect us all to our man-made environment. Connection
promotes community ownership which in turn builds a sense of
belonging and care of our cities.

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