LED Disinfection: Can LED Light Kill Mould ?

The answer is yes, some types of commercially available LED light can kill mould. Recent research has shown that light of 405nm wavelength can inhibit growth of bacteria, fungus and mould. This wavelength of light is visible as violet light and is present in many cold white LED light sources.

Traditionally sunlight has been used for disinfection and more recently the use of UV-C light has been used to control the growth of mould and bacteria. However, this is harmful to humans so needs strict controls to prevent injury. Unlike UV-C lights, LED light chips do not use electromagnetic radiation to emit light, and at long wavelength visible light colours (blue / violet) are not harmful to humans in normal applications.

Mini cold white LED light sources have significant amounts of the correct wavelengths to achieve this. We have found multiple uses for this application. From a simple residential refit for concealed strip lighting in shoe cupboards to industrial scale floodlighting in wine production areas. LED light fittings can have multiple chips so in “customer mode” they run in warm colours and after hours switch to “disinfection mode”.

What areas could you use this light for your advantage? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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