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Our Services: Being Your Lighting Guide
The final, built quality of a lighting design starts with a great concept but to be realised into its full potential it also needs a transparent and well coordinated hand during the process of construction.

To protect this quality of design on our projects we offer a range of services post-concept design to improve design coordination, design cost management and code compliance.

Consider making DJCoalition your lighting partner and guide. See below a description of our services or download a description here: Our Services

Specialist Lighting Design
We are passionate about good lighting. As lighting design planners, we create distinctive lighting for each project we work on. Lighting that is in tune with the project’s design narrative and the aspirations of the owners of the space.

With light we make place – that is, with lighting we shape architectural space and mould the senses of those who visit to create a special place. A place where people want to be, a place that lingers in a memory that then prompts them to return.

In our work we commit to work toward an innovative and distinctive solution for each project. And we will deliver that solution on time and on budget. That’s what we can bring to a project. Email us here about a Lighting Design project you have.

Custom Light Fitting Design
We love custom designing light fittings. There is no doubt that custom designed lighting provides the ultimate possibility for a tailored lighting solution – both individual and unique.

Our commissions have ranged from lighting fixtures for mass production to lights as unique solutions for architectural projects.

We’ve been designing lighting for more than 30 years for clients across 5 continents. We also design one-off bespoke decorative designs for an extra-special effect.

Projects don’t have to be big to have an opportunity for custom designed lighting. We work with all sorts of clients on all sizes of projects. Email us here about a Custom Lighting Design project you have.

Daylight Modelling and Design
Welcoming daylight into buildings diminishes power bills and it creates a positive and healthy atmosphere in tune with our natural body clock. In workplaces it increases productivity, in health facilities it enables faster healing times and in the home it allows for better sleep.

However natural light needs to be controlled to minimise impacts of glare and heat.

Our Daylight Modelling service determines the exact location and intensity of both daylight and sunlight for any hour of the year. From our design studies architectural designs can be evaluated and strategies for internal blinds, curtains and any necessary cooling can be set with confidence.

Our integrated Daylighting design approach includes recommendations for shading, glass performance, daylight responsive lighting control and blind placement. Email us here about a Daylight Modelling project you have.

Lighting Peer Review
The cost of lighting and its installation is a significant part of a project budget, and failure of a lighting design to achieve the design requirements costs even more money in lost business revenue and retrofitting to solve problems.

When clients are unsure about their lighting designs and need a professional second opinion, we offer a lighting Peer Review service to give peace of mind on maximising the future benefit for the budget spent.

If a project is completed and the lighting does not meet requirements, our Peer Review service will identify exactly what the problems are and the most cost-effective way to achieve a much improved result. Email us here about a Peer Review of your project.

Lighting Compliance Studies
Achieving regulatory compliance for the lighting on your project is a necessary step and important to both of us. Our construction industry is regulated to help us achieve a better built environment. We know these regulations, we help write some of them, and we understand how they work to provide our community with greater amenity and better safety. 

We have experience in energy and sustainability programmes (e.g. LEED and Greenstar) and local operator compliance requirements. We provide our clients, certifiers and contractors with lighting plans that meet compliance regulations as well as provide the design certificates to help you get building approvals. Email us here about a Compliance study requirement you have.

Procurement of Lighting Supply
When we are involved in the procurement process, we can help protect against price gouging.

In the market, light fitting specifications often get marked up significantly and the process of tender is not transparent. We know the cost of light fittings and we can use this knowledge to help you procure the selected lighting fittings.

If benefit for the customer to use our procurement services comes from us being the author of the design. We know the quantities of fittings required and the performance required to achieve the design brief. In this way the design quality is maintained at a pre-known cost. result. Email us here about a Procurement requirement you have.

Lighting Engineering Services
With our lighting design services we can provide engineering design documentation to offer our client a simple one-stop-shop for lighting design and lighting engineering.

Engineering services are there to facilitate the lighting design result, so we are well placed to provide fully coordinated design and documentation.

Our services cover front-of-house and back-of-house areas and due to our specialist knowledge also include the latest developments in lighting switching and dimming. Email us here about a Lighting Engineering requirement you have.

Design and Supply Package 
When projects have short timelines a design and supply package with a negotiated price can save significant amounts of time and deliver price certainty.

With this service we form partnerships with suppliers to deliver an integrated lighting package. The process is led by the designer as author of the design. The product supply and site liaison is by the supplier who is the provider of the lighting tools to met the required performance agreed with our client.

Value is offered to our clients by pricing being determined at the start of the project, design quality is maintained in product selection and installation details quickly resolved on site. Email us here about a Lighting Engineering requirement you have.

From our unique design ethos of “making human connection” we use light create places where people want to be. Read more about this design ethos here.

Email us about our “Light Guide” to help you get started.

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