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Striking a Balance: Daylight and Artificial Light

Finding the right balance of natural daylight and artificial light for indoor spaces is a crucial aspect of lighting design.  Harnessing daylight to illuminate rooms has multiple benefits, from boosted productivity to improved mood. Exposure to sunlight links our daily

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Lighting for Preventive Health Care

Along with food, water, air, and exercise – LIGHT is a vital pillar of human health and wellness DJCoalition recently was part of the design team to renovate the Park Nai Lert Hotel to become the Movenpick and BDMS Wellness

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phulu bay lighting design by djcoalition

The Light Guide

Unveiling the hidden value of lighting design though life-centric approaches Scientific research has unveiled the vast potential of lighting design to go beyond mere illumination. Through life-centric design approaches, we can harness lighting’s ability to enhance visual comfort, influence mood

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Curtain of greenery

Sustainability Created from Good Design

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is maintaining our natural resources and environment to maintain ecological balance. We all enjoy living as part of a connected system of biodiversity but this enjoyment comes with a responsibility of care.At DJCoalition we actively promote

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coloured accent lighting

How Coloured Light Affects Us

We know that light gives more than visual amenity. Recent scientific studies have shown light also has an effect on our our health and mood. But do we know how coloured light effects our physiological wellness? Colour is determined by

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wellness lighting in hospitality

The Wellness Guest

Social researchers advise us that in 2020 we have seen a shift in our society’s concerns toward an appreciation of personal health and sustainable existence with nature. As we open our boarders to travel we believe wellness travel will increase

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changing daylight colour temperatures

What is a Circadian Rhythm

Circadian comes from the Latin ‘circa’ meaning’ ‘about’ and ‘dies’ meaning ‘day’. So, a circadian rhythm is a repeating pattern based on the natural progression of night and day. Our internal clocks are still regulated by the rise and fall

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an office environment with good lighting design

Lighting in the Workplace

Successful workplace lighting facilitates connection. We know as a proven fact that when we are connected to our office environment, in tune with our surroundings, we are more productive, happier and healthier.Biophilic design principles, which advocate a closer connection with

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beautiful beams of light into a wellness spa

Wellness & Lighting

The global pandemic made us increasingly aware of wellness and quality of life issues. In the greater pursuit of connected ‘wellness’, we have come to understand more about our need for human and environmental connection with the diversity of life around us.

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