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changing daylight colour temperatures

What is a Circadian Rhythm

Circadian comes from the Latin ‘circa’ meaning’ ‘about’ and ‘dies’ meaning ‘day’. So, a circadian rhythm is a repeating pattern based on the natural progression of night and day. Our internal clocks are still regulated by the rise and fall

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an office environment with good lighting design

Lighting in the Workplace

Successful workplace lighting facilitates connection. We know as a proven fact that when we are connected to our office environment, in tune with our surroundings, we are more productive, happier and healthier.Biophilic design principles, which advocate a closer connection with

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beautiful beams of light into a wellness spa

Wellness & Lighting

The global pandemic made us increasingly aware of wellness and quality of life issues. In the greater pursuit of connected ‘wellness’, we have come to understand more about our need for human and environmental connection with the diversity of life around us.

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effective classroom lighting makes happy students

Lighting Boosts Student Performance

We know from studies in our education system that light quality in teaching spaces has a big effect on student health and that this eff­ect is more pronounced in younger students. Children are more sensitive to light exposure than adults as they have larger pupils and significantly greater light-induced melatonin suppression.

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Curtain of greenery

Planet-Centric Lighting

Artificial light at night provides for human safety, amenity and increased productivity. Artificial light also diminishes the natural environment as it consumes energy and, in the night environment, disrupts the natural balance of the ecosystem. Plant centric lighting design starts

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