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Downlight Beam Angles

Design Guide for Spacing Downlights

Our lighting standards are based on the measurement of light performance on a horizontal plane. For compliance with these standards downlights are the most efficient way of lighting. In the following PDF we explain downlight beam angles and identify simple

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Candles light a beach dinner scene

What is the correct light level for the task

In this video I introduce the concept of task-based lighting criteria. Task based lighting design provides light where we need it, when we need it. It also allows for reduced illumination levels in the surrounding spaces, for example circulation. This

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Lighting design for bathrooms

The Importance of Details

Have we forgotten the importance of design authorship? The lighting design concept provides the client with a vision of the future. But between a concept and the completion of a design there are many steps.In film production the successful realisation

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Tarn Court at Sunset at Phulay Bay Reserve

Lighting Design is Placemaking

The first step in lighting design is not a lux calculation, it is defining how light can make a place special. Given this, David Skelley explains how lighting design is “Placemaking” – how we can use the power of light to

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The Practice of Lighting Design

David Skelley explains the design disconnection that limits designers from effectively using the power of light in design. David provides a comprehensive perspective on lighting design to architects and interior designers and project managers by explaining how light shapes space

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the three characteristics of light

Three Aspects of Light

Did you know lighting directly affects how you feel and how you interact with people? Scientific evidence tells us that lighting does much more the simply provide illumination. Lighting meets both visual and non-visual needs. This insight helps to understand

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Lighting Design Webinars

We have just finished a teaching webinar about how to build a lighting design through layering of light. We thought some of you would find this interesting, so have loaded it here, it’s yours to enjoy. DJCoalition hosts lighting webinars

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