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Frame from DJC teaching Webinar

The Importance of Contrast in Lighting

To understand lighting, you might have to un-learn something first …. Lighting design does not start with light levels, it starts with the difference in light levels, or contrast. It is through contrast that light can reveal form, communicate what

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Lighting Design Webinars

We have just finished a teaching webinar about how to build a lighting design through layering of light. We thought some of you would find this interesting, so have loaded it here, it’s yours to enjoy. DJCoalition hosts lighting webinars

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effective video call lighting

Working from Home

As working from home becomes a more prevalent part our daily lives,  we can help ourselves and our health by making sure our in-home lighting is supporting our in-home working culture Task Lighting Generally our homes have lower levels of

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effective classroom lighting makes happy students

Lighting Boosts Student Performance

We know from studies in our education system that light quality in teaching spaces has a big effect on student health and that this eff­ect is more pronounced in younger students. Children are more sensitive to light exposure than adults as they have larger pupils and significantly greater light-induced melatonin suppression.

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