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phulu bay lighting design by djcoalition

The Light Guide

Unveiling the hidden value of lighting design though life-centric approaches Scientific research has unveiled the vast potential of lighting design to go beyond mere illumination. Through life-centric design approaches, we can harness lighting’s ability to enhance visual comfort, influence mood

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Value of Lighting Design

Illuminating Success: The Invaluable Value of Good Lighting Design Light is the foundation of our perception, by activating sight it enables us to navigate and experience the world. Thus, lighting is not just a means of illumination; it is a

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Living Building Challenge

DJCoalition recently visited Wollongong University’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre. This building was the first Australian Building completed under the vision of the “Living Building Challenge” (LBC) sustainable development guidelines. It has been operating 10 years and remains the most sustainable

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starry night skies

The New Luxury…

A Lighting Design Ethos That Connects Us TogetherThink of sunsets and night birdsong … despite our urban sophistication, surrounding ourselves with nature often brings a harmonious feeling of deep connection with life around us, also known as Biophilia. Lighting designers

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starry night sky

People Connection

A Lighting Design Ethos That Connects Us TogetherArchitectural lighting design is all about people and the art of connecting people with their surroundings through light. The absence of people makes architectural lighting somewhat meaningless. In many ways, lighting contextualises the

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Using Light to Find Your Way

Safety is a key concern in every project. Lighting makes us feel safe when we can understand the environment we are in and how we can find our way through spaces. This is not only about light levels but also

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architectural lighting design showing darkness and well lit areas

Tips for Lighting your Home

Walk into your home, flick a switch, and your room is filled with light. But is it the right light? In this video David introduces the idea that the best home lighting mimics the quality of light in Nature. Here

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Frame from DJC teaching Webinar

The Importance of Contrast in Lighting

To understand lighting, you might have to un-learn something first …. Lighting design does not start with light levels, it starts with the difference in light levels, or contrast. It is through contrast that light can reveal form, communicate what

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Mirror lighting detail

Mirror Lighting Details

Lighting Design starts with a vision, but it is built from the details. As author of the concept, the Lighting Designer is the one who has the vision to realise the concept and deliver it at completion, and we do

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