The Importance of Details

Have we forgotten the importance of design authorship? The lighting design concept provides the client with a vision of the future. But between a concept and the completion of a design there are many steps.
In film production the successful realisation of a creative idea requires the creator’s presence during the production stage. And so it is with construction projects. The lighting design concept provides the client with a vision of the future; so the Lighting Designer, as author of the concept, is the one who has the vision to realise the concept and deliver it to the client at completion – and we do this through detailing.

Design Details

As an example, in this video I give tips on mirror lighting details. They are important; when a mirror
is well lit our reflection looks healthier and happier!

5 Detail Tips
Key ingredients in realising good lighting details are often overlooked. When considering the installation of light into the fabric of a building always consider these five tips:

– does the detail materiality fit with the overall design of the space?
– what happens at the corner of the detail, can the design work in 3 dimensions when the light changes direction?
– check potential reflections, will surrounding surfaces reflect the light to make the “hidden feature” suddenly visible?
– can the contractor install the light, fit their fingers and tools into the space allowed?
– can the light be easily accessible for maintenance

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