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A Lighting Design Ethos That Connects Us Together
Think of sunsets and night birdsong … despite our urban sophistication, surrounding ourselves with nature often brings a harmonious feeling of deep connection with life around us, also known as Biophilia.

Lighting designers need to redefine sustainability as not just minimising energy use but creating designs that increase biodiversity. This “Life-centric” shift in thinking needs to be solutions-based, so from our experience with recent projects built in sensitive natural environments, we offer the following design tips. Click here for a link to download the pdf.

These Guidelines do not infringe on human safety requirements, they offer creative solutions that meet both human safety needs and environmental ecosystem conservation. I hope they offer help for any projects you are considering.

From our unique design ethos of “making human connection” we use light create places where people want to be. Read more about this design ethos here.

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