The Wellness Guest

Social researchers advise us that in 2020 we have seen a shift in our society’s concerns toward an appreciation of personal health and sustainable existence with nature. As we open our boarders to travel we believe wellness travel will increase in popularity.

Here to Stay

wellness room lighting in hospitality environment

At DJCoalition we use light as a medium to facilitates wellness. Light not only enables physical sight but helps set our natural biorhythms and shape our emotions. Read on to learn how we have design lighting installations that make places to recharge, places to recover, places to reset, places to retreat and places to reconnect.

As a Place to Recharge

a place to recharge with wellness lighting

We have all had weeks, or even months of constant pressure which have sapped our mental energy – right?
Light therapy, as part of spa treatments, can enhance recharging of the different energy points in our body.
In the W Bangkok, DJCoalition designed spa treatment rooms with the ability to surround the patient in light
baths of different colours. The wavelengths of these colours were tuned to coincide with different treatments.
Red light enhances massage to relieve joint and muscle stiffness. Pink light soothes away agitation and
induces calmness.

As a Place to Recover

a place to recover with wellness lighting

Rest after surgery is critical in the recovery process. Rest in a place of connection with people and nature has
been shown to speed up the recovery process. So, for those of us who have to travel away from home, finding
the right post surgery stay is important.
Ad-lib Hotel sits next to Bumrungrad Hospital in one of the most densely populated parts of central Bangkok,
but you would never know it once you check in. Guests relax in a cocoon of green and thriving plants, seemingly
far removed from the busy-ness of the city. The comfortable lounges and variable light settings make for a place perfect for connecting with others and the nature around you.

As a Place to Rest

a place to rest with wellness hospitality lighting

Remember when we used to travel across time zones for business and we felt drained of energy?
Hotel lighting can greatly reduce jet-lag by speeding up the resetting of our body clock to new time zones.
In our model global room for a large hotel operator, DJCoalition designed a dynamic white lighting system which wakes people with blue-rich light at the ‘new’ start of their day hours and soothes them in red rich light in
preparation for sleep in their ‘new’ rest times.

As a Place to Retreat - Without Leaving the City

wellness lighting for a place to retreat in the city

Ever wanted just to get away from it all but don’t have time to leave the city?
In city spas, light sets the scene for rejuvenation treatments to realign mind and spirit.
At Crown Spas, DJCoalition set the mood of the relaxation rooms to allow the guest’s mind to wander, drift free. Indirect soft and diffuse light creates a space without highlights. Eyes are free to relax allowing the mind to unwind internally.

As a Place to Reconnect

lighting a place to reconnect with candles and campfires

2020 was a year where the adoption of change needed to speed up. The desire for a more connected existence with those around us and with nature is now widely appreciated. By night, light as the medium for sight enables this connection through setting the appropriate tone; through allowing appreciation of nature and the night sky.
For Aman properties in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, DJCoalition has created settings where light enables the use of the outdoor environment by night. Dining scenes are set where each guests face is visible without veiling the view out to the natural landscape and the night sky.

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