Using Light to Find Your Way

lighting fixture at queen and collins melbourne by djcoalition

Safety is a key concern in every project. Lighting makes us feel safe when we can understand the environment we are in and how we can find our way through spaces. This is not only about light levels but also using lighting for wayfinding and orientation.

A good example of this is our award winning (AIA National prize) “Queens and Collins” project in Melbourne with Kirsten Thompson Architects. Here, custom-design light orbs mark the path across a city block through 4 different buildings; wayfinding through the pathways and spatial intersections are promoted by the custom-designed pink orb lighting fittings, which not only gave identity to space, but also referenced the local history of the first Melbourne streetlamps made with pink Venetian glass lanterns.
Proof that through light we can reveal our shared history, make human connections and facilitate restoration with our public spaces.


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